Look, let's just cut to the chase...
I brought you right to the order page because I feel like it's gonna save us both a whole lot of valuable time. I already told you that I have nothing to sell...

No E-book. No membership site. No continuity program. No high-ticket coaching. No video series. No training course...you've got enough of those.

So I really don't want to waste your time by making you plow through a 30-page sales letter with 50 screenshots of "social proof" and 107 expertly-crafted bullet points describing nothing. 

You ain't got time to read something like that! (And I certainly ain't got time to write something like that...)

So just fill out the order form, send me your money, and you'll get instant access!
BTW this timer means absolutely nothing...

Mark Kaye

Purchaser of several marketing products.
Creator of none.
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ONE TIME OFFER: Since you're already giving me $20, just go ahead and give me $30 more. In exchange I'll send you my new PDF entitled "How-to Stop Buying So Many PDFs!" And I'll also send you an audio recording of that PDF so that you don't even have to read it. Win-win! (Seriously, this is the LAST PDF you will ever buy!)


I found a clip art image of a lock and pasted it here on this page, so that means your info is totally secure. Trust me!
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